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Farnellbeställningar / Ordering from Farnell


Vad är detta?

Som aktiv ETA-medlem har du tillgång till att beställa komponenter rabatterat från Farnell.
Vi får priset som gäller för 5:e staffling dvs det 5:e priset om man kollar vad en komponent kostar.

Hur gör jag?

En liten beskrivning

Följ Länken nedan som innehåller instruktioner:

MVH inte-materialaren som inte orkar ändra denna sidan.


Betalning sker via banköverföring eller Izettle under kassörs uppsyn. Ett mail kommer att skickas till dig inom ca 2 månader efter en viss tid (minst årligen) med mer information efter du beställt.

English version

What is Farnell?

As a member of ETA you have access to components for a reduced price at Farnell. Our price point is for the fifth listing, that is the fifth price in the list you see for what you're ordering.

How do I order?

Step-by-step guide
  • Visit Farnell and choose what you wish to order (note minimum order amounts).
  • Note down the order number for the article in question.
  • Note how many of each article you're going to order.
  • Make sure your order is in stock.
  • Avoid things stocked in the USA (Additional 200 Kr fee)
  • Send a mail to

Format your mail as follows: Order number, Amount, Name (your own).
Your order has now been sent to an administrator (probably a board member) who will place this order at Farnell.

  • Orders are compiled and sent on sundays during odd weeks (so make your orders on saturday at the latest).
  • Your order will arrive in about a week and can be collected from the box-room. Ask a board member with a key to access it.
  • Payment is done at a later date. Remeber that “moms” (VAT) will be included (equal to 25% of the original value)


Payment can be done either by bank transfer or at the Izettle when the treasurer of the board is present. A mail will be sent to you within two months some time within the year with more payment information.

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