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Etching Course

In Swedish
ETAs own etching course!
The course is free for all ETA members. If you're not a member you can become just before the course. The membership fee is 100 kr annually and gives you access to our lab, workshop and free coffee. =)
The course will be held in our lab Spårvagnen, Find ETA

Available courses:

Are the courses full or do you have a question? Send a mail to

The purpouse of this course is to teach you the process of PCB manufacturing.

The CAD program that will be used is the free software KICAD. After a schematic is made it will then be etched.
All componets will be through hole mounted and not SMD.
The project that will be dealt with is a DC-DC buck converter using a LM2574N-5. Schematics and components for this will be provided.
Estimated time for the course is 4h.

The course contains:

  • Basic PCB design in KiCAD.
  • Developing and etching of your PCB.
  • Post-processing and mounting of components

Further reading here:

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